The table below contains information about confirmed Solar flares and GRBs detected by POLAR. A brief introduction of POLAR project is available HERE.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Dr. Wojtek Hajdas or Dr. Hualin Xiao.

Solar Flares and GRBs detected by POLAR

# Burst Burst UT RA (degree) DEC (degree) Polar Theta (degree) Polar Phi (degree) T90 (s) Max Rate (cps) Total events POLAR Light curve GCN CircularComments
1039Konus 20171117 2017-11-17 12:21:39UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown - - - ---detected by Konus( 20171117 )
1040Konus 20171112 2017-11-12 20:50:19UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown - - - --- detected by Konus( 20171112 )
472GRB 170325B2017-03-25 21:50:00UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown6667.9093080Plot CSV PNG 20941.gcn3detected by Konus( 20170325 )
433GRB 170320A2017-03-20 03:42:50320.07455.0685.433666.96325.742816.45850Plot CSV PNG 20934.gcn3 Confirmed GRB,Possible GRB170320., Also detected by SPI ACS at 2017-03-20 03:42:50, remarked by ro
426GRB 170317A2017-03-17 09:45:5993.08850.5281.37884.6120615366.2091786Plot CSV PNG 20922.gcn3Also detected by Swift-BAT(trigger # 742866)
422GRB 170315A2017-03-15 13:57:57230.3960.3449.8305291.9348829.9853133Plot CSV PNG 20906.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#511279081)
379GRB 170309A2017-03-09 12:26:42UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown42635.466539Plot CSV PNG 20845.gcn3 CALET trigger, Fermi GBM (trigger# 1173097284), Konus( 20170309 )
344GRB 170306B2017-03-06 14:07:22154.6551.6386.950498.2999251448.9619461Plot CSV PNG 20839.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#510502047) , SPI ACS ( 20170306140725), Fermi GBM (trigger
341GRB 170305A2017-03-05 06:09:0639.6589.90131.432239.0810.396302400Plot CSV PNG 20837.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#510386951), SPI ACS ( 20170305060906) , Konus( 20170
290GRB 170228B2017-02-28 18:33:00355.9415.7324.0873264.4934388.264645Plot CSV PNG 20792.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#509999585) , CALET_GBM (trigger# 1172341676)
282GRB 170220A2017-02-20 18:48:01UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown0.37297.821230Plot CSV PNG 20733.gcn3 detected by Konus( 20170220 )
274GRB 170219A2017-02-19 00:03:0754.850.147.955268.9930.1516148.3964Plot CSV PNG 20719.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#509155392), SPI ACS( 20170219000306) , Konus( 20170219 )
254GRB 170210A2017-02-10 02:47:37226.055-65.10180.5933129.381547644.19106948Plot CSV PNG 20665.gcn3The Minimum Detectable Polarization(MDP) for this burst is estimated to be ~7.3% [1-sigma, statisti
249GRB 170208C2017-02-08 13:16:33284.42-0.1193.1407309.86512051.7625279Plot CSV PNG 20664.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#508252598), SPI ACS( 20170208131636), SPI ACS( 20170208131632)
242GRB 170207A2017-02-07 21:45:04315.70455.6970.7236357.68519.57349.0749131Plot CSV PNG 20645.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#508196708), Konus( 20170207 ), SPI ACS( 20170207214504)
250GRB 170206C2017-02-06 11:40:10UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown11.51399.329135Plot CSV PNG 20639.gcn3 Also detected by SPI ACS, SPI ACS( 20170206114010)
238GRB 170206A2017-02-06 10:51:58212.63314.23818.6391147.5388.516145.212918Plot CSV PNG 20624.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#508071122), SPI ACS( 20170206105156), SPI ACS( 2017020610515
237GBM 5080677502017-02-06 09:55:45145.633-53.31795.8215175.321 - - - Plot CSV -Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#508067750)
229GRB 170202B2017-02-02 07:19:54UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown275007.3930816Plot CSV PNG 20602.gcn3 detected by Konus( 20170202 )
206GRB 170131A2017-01-31 23:14:59341.44764.00676.370222.123521.88888.47085Plot CSV PNG 20600.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#507597304) and marginaly by Swift BAT (coordinates taken fr
203GRB 170130A2017-01-30 07:14:45271.05-29.1156.1674230.8535476.5685312Plot CSV PNG 20568.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#507453289)
186GRB 170127C2017-01-27 01:35:48339.3-63.941.8221157.6122130003600Plot CSV PNG 20563.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#507173752), SPI ACS( 20170127013547) , Konus
178GRB 170124A2017-01-24 20:58:06282-75.51110.281219.39222321.0635401Plot CSV PNG 20559.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#506984291), Konus( 20170124 ) , CALET_GBM (trigger# 116932
171GRB 170121A2017-01-21 01:36:543.03-75.6237.5306290.75522643.223873Plot CSV PNG 20501.gcn3Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#506655418) ,Konus( 20170121 ), SPI ACS( 20170121013653)
166GRB 170120A2017-01-20 11:18:30262.8312.5757.7876202.32116595.1584969Plot CSV PNG 20500.gcn3 Also detected by Fermi GBM (trigger#506603916)
168POLAR trigger 201701181616262017-01-18 16:16:26UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown0.5115004600Plot CSV - It might be a short GRB
154GRB 170114A2017-01-14 22:01:1212.08-12.5526.28384.93737.57557.7425520Plot CSV PNG 20468.gcn3 GBM trigger ,Konus( 20170114 )
153GRB 170114B2017-01-14 19:59:12137.92-28.46101.953140.63212747.9685242Plot CSV PNG 20469.gcn3 GBM trigger ,Konus( 20170114 )
149GRB 170112B2017-01-12 23:16:09207.76-61.7753.8719220.898135091970Plot CSV PNG 20460.gcn3GBM trigger
127GRB 170109A2017-01-09 03:17:35114.4-6.8581.024114.29495333135Plot CSV PNG 20418.gcn3GBM trigger. Also Konus detected:,K
119GRB 170105A2017-01-05 06:14:06608059.2082257.168224903598Plot CSV PNG 20387.gcn3SPIACS trigger. FRED-like. Also KONUS and AstroSat CZTI. Localization based on AstroSat https://gcn.
131GRB 170102A2017-01-02 02:51:18UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown40.0315654727Plot CSV PNG 20363.gcn3 Detected by Konus. Also SPIACS
111GRB 170101B2017-01-01 02:47:1859.1679.33360.093245.63611.29685217Plot CSV PNG 20361.gcn3 GBM trigger
112GRB 170101A2017-01-01 02:26:02267.10311.6545.9588968.35732.888366107Plot CSV PNG 20355.gcn3 Swift trigger
109GRB 161230A2016-12-30 12:16:07324.11-8.9847.5209159.0173.5390990Plot CSV PNG 20429.gcn3GBM trigger
107GRB 161229A2016-12-29 21:03:4981.036.3187.3126256.08135.77230735134Plot CSV PNG 20354.gcn3 Strong and long burst GBM trigger Also Konus:
104GRB 161228B2016-12-28 13:15:42129.2943.6728.734513.90459445.0022529Plot CSV PNG 20348.gcn3 GBM trigger: Also detected by SPIACS: http://heas
102GRB 161228A2016-12-28 09:43:26358.42-24.670.4731171.3323.53302000Plot CSV PNG 20347.gcn3 GBM trigger
101GRB 161228C2016-12-28 00:46:20115.8225.7652.0787284.231.67327.94408Plot CSV PNG 20357.gcn3GBM trigger
69GRB 161219B2016-12-19 18:48:3991.7-26.795.8158201.2364248700Plot CSV PNG 20331.gcn3 Swift strong burst
41GRB 161218B2016-12-18 08:32:46358.5-16.63377.2043252.50526.28984929340Plot CSV PNG 20288.gcn3 Strong and long burst
44GRB 161218A2016-12-18 03:47:36245.257-4.11424.2978356.5356.7626606644Plot CSV PNG 20287.gcn3 Swift burst: (spectrum) also detected by CALET and Konus
64GRB 161217C2016-12-17 03:53:15UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown6.417334364Plot CSV PNG 20311.gcn3Konus trigger GRB20161217_13995.303. Not localized
43GRB 161217B2016-12-17 03:03:52213.356263.086437.05935.3204 - Plot CSV PNG 20310.gcn3 Fermi trigger 503636629
34GRB 161213A2016-12-13 07:05:02238.8-40.146.3666245.54173701360Plot CSV PNG 20274.gcn3Fermi ( and SPIACS (
33GRB 161212A2016-12-12 15:38:5925.268.392.003446.237111376 - Plot CSV PNG 20301.gcn3Short, weak event from GBM:
36GRB 161210A2016-12-10 12:33:54283.16376.7413334.87811.7199.31318Plot CSV PNG 20271.gcn3Fermi short GRB
138GRB 161210A2016-12-10 12:33:54283.1263.0576.6925334.86311.7616771318Plot CSV PNG 20271.gcn3 GBM trigger
31GRB 161207A2016-12-07 20:42:08305.220.765.4466331.31327.4350.44946Plot CSV PNG 20277.gcn3Weak Fermi GBM trigger
26GRB 161207B2016-12-07 05:22:47295-9.960.5796293.94512.5151713Plot CSV PNG 20273.gcn3 Weak Fermi GBM GRB with ~20 deg localization error.
139GRB 161205A2016-12-05 13:27:18318.947.664.1825356.33126.619811416Plot CSV PNG 20272.gcn3
30GRB 161203A2016-12-03 18:41:07UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown4.752821 - Plot CSV PNG 20243.gcn3Detected by CALET, SPIACS and Astrosat CZTI (Veto)
19SF 201611302016-11-30 01:19:00UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown - - - Plot CSV -Solar Flare also detected by RHESSI
15GRB 161129A2016-11-29 07:11:39316.232.142.477952.067441.5705.7 - Plot CSV PNG 20236.gcn3 Swift burst
17SF 1611292016-11-29 07:10:00UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown - - - Plot CSV -Solar Flare also detected by RHESSI
9SF 1610122016-10-12 11:53:33UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown - - - Plot CSV -Solar flare detected by RHESSI
137GRB 160928A2016-09-28 19:48:05130.398.1494.6258333.445.15530 - Plot CSV -20126.gcn3 Detected by SPIACS, KONUS and FERMI/GBM. POLAR first GCN!