POLAR Data Center at PSI

An introduction of PSI POLAR Data Center  is available at:   https://arxiv.org/abs/1707.02071


POLAR is a space borne Compton scattering detector for precise measurements of the polarization of hard X-rays from Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) and Solar Flares (SF). GRB are the strongest explosions in the Universe and are associated with the creation of black holes. Precise polarization detection can be an ultimate tool to discover the true GRB mechanism. POLAR in space produces 50 GB of data every day. Data storage and processing require dedicated hardware and specialized software.

Fig. 1 PSI POLAR Data Center Architecture

The  responsibilities of PSI POLAR Data center (PPDC) include:

  • Data storage, management and processing
  • Daily data quality monitoring
  • Detector configuration database management
  • Data quicklook processing
  • POLAR calibration tasks
  • Data analysis and production of higher level data products
  • Monte Carlo simulations Services
  • Data publishing to scientific community

PSI POLAR  Data Center hardware consists of a 16 CPU core server with 64 TB disk storage and a 400 CPU core cluster. PPDC software consists of three sub-systems: data processing software, database and web interfaces.   PSI POLAR Data Center provides the following software/products for Public/Collaborators:



Any questions/suggestions concerning PSI POLAR Data Center, Please mail to Dr. Hualin Xiao (hualin.xiao@psi.ch)  or  Dr. Wojtek Hajdas (wojtek.hajdas@psi.ch)